Uncle Ryano looking down the barrel of his guitar

How does it feel to be back in music?

I never left music, and music never left me.  I took a break to focus on my family.  Family is real, and the true definition of sacrifice is giving up something you love for something you love more.  Now, I’m proud to come back and share my sound with all of you.  You might think I am giving you the “New” Nashville sound, but the sound you’ve grown to love, was my sound in 2003.




Uncle Ryano in Pin Stripe Suite in front of old building.

What style would you call your music?

I call what I write American music. There are no fences or walls. I may have grown up where the blues and rock and roll were born, but that’s given me a connection to all forms of organic folk music around the world. The deep south is truly a melting pot. In East Texas and Louisiana, the cultures reflect it. So, if someone asks me, “is your music country?” I may reply with, ” which country?”



Bottle Rocket Records Logo

What was your goal in creating a new label?

A true artist doesn’t hope to be a single star in the sky.  In my option, a true artist tries to inspire others to shine.  In doing so, you must also create a safe place for those true trailblazers to create their own road that others may follow.  That is why I created Bottle Rocket Records.  A place for future stars to follow the road to success.

Music Video’s

New Single Coming Soon! (Run Wide Open – 5/21/2024)

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